AAMC, one of Australia’s leading repair management companies, has partnered with Stelvio Australia to deploy the EstImageMotor and EstImage Connect solutions to streamline its operations and improve communications across three independent business units. 

With offices in Melbourne and Brisbane, AAMC is supported by an Australia-wide team of specialist consultants, and has been delivering end-to-end accident management, specialist assessing, and repair management services within the Australian insurance industry for 20 years. AAMC operates through three independent business units that solve different problems for customers across different markets, including loss and litigation assessing and repair management. AAMC was restricted by limited access to comprehensive accident and damage details early in the repair management process and its legacy system lacked the connectivity needed to deliver security and compliance requirements to customers. 

Luke Hill, national operations manager, AAMC, said, “AAMC’s legacy system let the company streamline the repair management process from receiving a referral all the way through to issuing an invoice, though it was restricted by connectivity limitations. AAMC needed a system that was flexible enough to replicate the existing solution yet with enhanced capabilities that would help AAMC integrate with the market in a way that the in-house system could not achieve. With three independent business units, AAMC required a secure system that would support its end-to-end operations while meeting the technical needs of each business unit.” 

To deliver this, AAMC identified Stelvio's EstImage product suite, including EstImage Motor and EstImage Connect, as the ideal, secure solution to support its end-to-end repair management process and meet AAMC’s business requirements.  

Yannick Giguère, general manager, Stelvio Australia, said, “The flexible and configurable nature of EstImage Motor has provided AAMC with a solution that could be configured to replicate its legacy system while further streamlining internal procedures to achieve a more efficient motor loss assessing process. Simultaneously, EstImage Motor has empowered AAMC to enhance its efficiency and process consistency across each individual business unit without compromising on security and compliance.” 

By leveraging this solution, AAMC significantly improved its communication with repairers and other key stakeholders across its business units. As a result, 100 per cent of business communication with AAMC’s repair management ecosystem is now delivered digitally via EstImage.  

AAMC also deployed EstImage Connect, which connects AAMC with customers to capture information and assess claims in real time with the support of the latest web technology, to complement its Motor solution. 

Luke Hill said, “Since deploying the EstImage Motor and Connect solutions, AAMC has achieved a more streamlined user experience for its specialist consultants. The EstImage solutions are flexible and easy-to-configure, which lets AAMC team members manage and triage various types of referrals and match them to the correct product lines, while providing expertise in that specific area as required.” 

By implementing EstImage Motor and Connect, AAMC has successfully transitioned to a cloud-based platform at a fraction of the cost of its previous solution. The cloud-based nature of Stelvio’s solutions ensures AAMC doesn’t require continuous downloads and device updates. This lets AAMC operate using the most up-to-date software and features available at any time. 

Yannick Giguère said, “EstImage Motor and Connect have helped AAMC increase the problem-solving capability of its three independent business units while simultaneously improving the company’s connectivity with customers, repairers, and other key stakeholders in the repair management ecosystem.” 

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