PPG’s revolutionary, MoonWalk automated dispensing technology has hit the milestone of 50 units installed locally and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Thanks to the COVID pandemic, along with supply chain issues, MoonWalk faced a number of challenges when the first units arrived on the local market. However, this didn’t stop local collision repairers reacting in the same way as their counterparts in overseas markets where this new technology has been quickly embraced. A trickle of installations quickly became a flood which has now accelerated past 50 locally installed units and orders are continuing to flow in. Although it’s not cheap, collision centre owners are finding that MoonWalk’s incredible new technology delivers an outstanding return on investment, according to John Hristias, PPG Sales Director Australia.

“For many people, the real clincher is when they see MoonWalk in action. That is when they really understand the capabilities of this technology, how it can fit smoothly into their paint shop operations and why it represents the paint shop of the future which you can actually have now.

"It’s also important to understand that this is a tool that you are going to use and benefit from every day. MoonWalk is all about making the ENVIROBASE High Performance waterborne basecoat colour dispensing process ultra-accurate, stress-free and efficient at just a press of a button. Because it essentially takes humans out of the equation, it virtually eliminates human error. As a result, colour mixes are accurate first time, every time because MoonWalk doesn’t get stressed, tired, hungover or make mistakes.

"The flow on effect is that it minimises wastage and the potential for reworks caused by inaccurate hand mixing while also being able mix tiny amounts of colour that a human wouldn’t even consider. This means that, rather than a painter mixing a little extra as a safety net, they can actually be a little more aggressive with the volume they mix. If they do need a little more, it’s a simple matter to get MoonWalk to mix a small amount to finish the job. Many painters who have experienced the MoonWalk say there is no way they would go back to traditional manual colour dispensing. This is why MoonWalk is also being seen as an employee attraction and retention tool.”


MoonVan LINQ to you

In late 2023, PPG introduced a mobile solution to help collision repairers right across Australia get to grips with MoonWalk and the rest of the trailblazing PPG LINQ ‘eco-system’. MoonVan has already begun visiting repairers – and even driving right into workshops – to allow the whole paint team to not only learn how fast and user-friendly MoonWalk is but to also see how smoothly it works with the full suite of PPG LINQ technologies.

For more information on MoonWalk or to arrange a visit from MoonVan, speak to your PPG Territory Manager, your MVP Business Solutions Manager or the PPG Customer Service Hotline on 13 24 24 (Aust) or 0800 320 320 (NZ).

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