There were some really strong contenders in this category but Sheen Panel Service was the clear winner.

Now they have had over 50 years in the game to establish themselves in the community but the sheer range and scale of the ‘give back’ to both the community, staff and the industry is breathtaking. They don’t do community and social responsibility by half.

When Sheen Panel Service says it is a community-focused business that supports the local and wider community through a range of different community initiatives, they mean it.

The Sheen Community Fund has raised over $5 million in charitable funds, supporting kids and youth in need. Each year, funds are distributed to relevant charities, which has included Variety – the Children’s Charity, the Royal Children’s Hospital, Friend in Me, and many more.

On a local level, Sheen Panel Service donates over $50,000 yearly with each store selecting and managing their local involvement. It sponsors over 25 local-level clubs and initiatives which include 10 football clubs, four soccer clubs, primary schools, and an aged care facility. Sheen also offer discounts to seniors, carers, emergency response personnel and local businesses, to ensure that all aspects of the community are considered.

Let’s talk apprentices. Sheen works with Kangan Institute offering free apprenticeships. With full-time, school-based, mature aged and work-experience options the company employs close to 50 apprentices. With competitive wages, tool allowances, and complimentary starter tool kits Sheen aims to give them the best start in the industry. They employ a full time apprentice manager.

Sheen actively considers the environment, community and stakeholders when making business decisions and has several business initiatives to ensure this includes offering EV repair training providing safe and responsible recycling for paint products, committing to paperless communications to reduce wastage, supporting other Australian-owned businesses and sourcing locally whenever possible. It has an equal employer’s policy that does not discriminate on race, level of ability or gender.

Sheen has always taken pride in its philanthropic efforts. The Sheen Community Fund was started out of a desire to do good on a larger scale. Since its inception 34 years ago it has raised over $5 million in charitable funds. They don’t just give money, the team is actively involved in charities from running activations and donating cars, to offering its repair and towing services. This year alone it has donated $25,000 to the Royal Children’s Hospital, $60,000 to the Friend in Me family day and $20,000 to Variety.

On several occasions, Sheen has proactively offered free services and financial support to those who have faced hardships, from financial ease to emergency relief funds.

Sheen acknowledges its team saying: ‘It is a group effort to be able to make this kind of contribution back to the community. That’s why we are grateful at Sheen Panel Service for the widespread support from employees towards the Community Fund. This allows us to reach our fundraising goals and keep aiming higher.”

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