We know that getting involved in the community is ‘just what you do’ for many repairers but it can really make a difference. Haweskbury City Smash are all about giving back.

Hawkesbury City Smash currently sponsors kids in, Motocross, tumbling and basketball. Owner Troy Mclaughlin says: “Our kids have grown and we want to see other kids have the same opportunity ours had. We don't advertise special rates but by word of mouth the community know that we will help out senior citizens. We do minor repairs, swap bulbs or window wipers, change wheels etc for free. This is us just giving back. We have successfully finished two apprentices and currently have two more apprentices on board.

“We also offer "paid" work experience to all ages who want to know what it is like to work in the this industry as well as to try and give our youth the knowledge needed to make the right decision in our industry.”

“HCS prides ourselves in our commitment to our community,” Troy says. “Every year we give a local charity a line of credit to Officeworks to help with building school packs for the less advantaged kids in school.

“We have been involved in Blue Datto (road safety program in schools), we support Pink Finns Women with Cancer.  As a team all staff supported men’s mental health through the Black Dog Foundation.

“Four our latest project we are now sponsoring all the costs and supplied a car for the CAMP Quality Car Escarpade - Kids with Cancer Fundraiser. We are gathering all businesses in our area to come along and be a part of it.

“We have a page set up on Facebook Team Lego Legends - Camp Quality. We are not here to make millions we are here for a long time and happy to give back anywhere we can.”

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