Aaron Scagliotta has outdone himself at Reneew Collision Repair Centre in Perth and created a real wow factor for customers.

Many EV owners feel that they are embracing the future and that feeling is certainly intensified when they walk into Reneew. From it’s uber modern frontage and colourful branding it certainly is not your panel shop of old.

The customer reception and lounge (sorry, Reneew & Refresh bar) are stunning. Bright orange is the signature colour, even on the stairs leading up the massive mezzanine level where the offices, boardroom and a kitchen are situated.

We will leave the drooling over the workshop which the customers can’t see for the winning best new shop write up on page 53.

Customer experience isn’t just about having a great environment for them to interact with you. Aaron has put a lot of thought into the process. He also had a build it and they will come strategy. And they have. First a Tesla approval and very shortly Volkswagen.

Aaron says: “We prioritise delivering seamless and enjoyable experiences guided by our core values, mission, and vision. Our gold-standard customer service begins the moment a customer enters our doors. We maintain constant communication throughout the repair process, utilising various channels like phone, email, SMS, and online tracking. Our innovative 1Q1 app allows customers to track their repair progress, promoting transparency.’

Talking to other Tesla repairers we know that the demographic loves a good app.

To encourage reviews and feedback, Reneew adopts a multi-pronged approach. The customer service team reaches out via phone calls and Wix chat for digital communication preferences.

“We value post-service feedback and engage with customers through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the Tesla Owners Club. Satisfied customers often become ambassadors, referring others to our services. Handling complaints and compliments is crucial to our customer relationship management. We address complaints as ‘customer concerns,’ using language that promotes understanding and resolution. Thorough documentation and established procedures allow us to promptly and effectively address any issues,” says Aaron.

Aaron made a great talent acquisition in the form of Sudeep Aikar who has worked in some high end collision repair facilities in the Middle East and has a stellar background in creating great customer experiences.

I will let Aaron continue: “Our commitment to gold-standard service, personalised experiences, constant communication, feedback utilisation, and post-service engagement ensures every customer feels valued and connected. By embracing their needs, we build lasting relationships and a strong reputation in our community.

Our commitment to customer service goes beyond training; it’s ingrained in our company culture. We actively engage with Tesla owners, EV owners, hybrid enthusiasts, and prestige car owners. By understanding their specific needs and speaking their language, we provide tailored solutions and build lasting relationships.

“Our marketing strategy builds on our reputation, fostering a social media community and generating positive reviews. We prioritise our exceptional team and we celebrate their achievements and milestones. We foster a family-like environment with an open-door policy, encouraging everyone to share their ideas.

We believe in constant improvement and investing in our team to deliver our brand promise. Our commitment to innovation, excellent customer service, and employee recognition sets us apart.”

The judging panel very much agreed.

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