• Repairhub Banyo
    Repairhub Banyo

This is a small in number, large in footprint and steadily growing sector. The Corporate Shop category is for those networks which are not 'independents' and are funded by venture captial, publically listed or insurer funded. At the moment, as far as we are aware, this would include AMA Group, Repairhub, MotorOne, Strategic Collision Repair Group and Royans. 


Judging for this category will be via a zoom presentation. 

Mark Williams from sponsor Lowbake Australia said: "Lowbake is happy to sponsor the Best Corporate Shop award as it's a great opportunity to be involved with the Paint & Panel Awards. In this ever-evolving environment it is good to recognise every aspect of the industry where businesses are raising standards and improving customer service. 

Best Corporate Shop winner:

2020 Repairhub Banyo.

Best Corporate Shop is proudly sponsored by Lowbake.

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