Uber has continued to move forward with its plans to create its own flying car.

Uber Elevate, the company's fly car research team, have brought on well known NASA engineer Mark Moore.

Moore, known for his paper that discussed the likelihood and feasibility of flying cars, has been hired by Uber as director of engineering for aviation.

Moore's research into VTOL, vertical take off and landing, was compelling enough to influence Google's co-founder Larry Page to make significant investments in two of his own flying car start-ups.

Discussing the challenges that come with any flying car project, Moore said companies would need to negotiate heavily with suppliers on price points, as well as engage in numerous approval and regulatory processes.

Moore did point out that Uber was in a better position than most as the company boasts 55 million active riders, which would provide the company with a strong customer base for testing.

“If you don’t have a business case that makes economic sense, than all of this is just a wild tech game and not really a wise investment.”

As the vehicles will essentially operate as taxis, range would not need to exceed 160km, with recharge hubs set up in popular areas, and charging taking place between trips.

Source: BBC

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