We don't really have enough car brands in Australia do we? Of course not, so here's another - although it is a market re-entry for this Chinese brand, this time with an electring offering.

Chery describes itself as highly advanced in new energy technologies and is preparing to bring their s'afe and high-quality new models to the Australian market.'

Chery's brand-new model OMODA 5 is coming to the Australian market. The vehicle is equipped with an dual motor drive DHT and features 9 high efficiency working modes: single/dual motor electric drive, range extended mode, engine direct drive, single/dual motor energy recovery, charge in motion/park.

Besides, this DHT boasts the most transmission gears in the world: 11 gear combinations. 'During your drive, the control system calculates in real time the most suitable working gear, and together with Chery's proprietary hybrid integration technology, ensures the optimal balance between power, comfort, and economy.'


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