Next gen


12pm – 5.00pm
Wednesday 5th April, 2017

VACC Rooms
464 St Kilda Road

$82.50 per ticket (incl GST)

The smash repair industry is at a tipping point.

It’s balancing on the cusp of ‘now’ and ‘next’.

How we handle the transition will either make or break the industry.

You’re a young, up-and-coming manager with a fresh way of thinking and an appreciation of where the industry is heading.

Paint & Panel Next Generation is here to help, equipping you with the knowledge, skills and mind-set needed to manage your transition into the leadership role at your business.

BUT this is no normal conference event. Meet up, bond and make contact with other Next Generation people during our informal afternoon event featuring plenty of inspiration, fun, interaction and very little ‘just listening and looking at a screen’.

Hear from…

Pat Farmer, who started as an apprentice mechanic, had a career in politics, and then became the ultimate ultra-marathon runner - the only man on the planet to have run from the North to the South Pole. Pat will talk about how he made it through his tough times and didn’t give up.

Jason Trewin, from I-CAR, who will be there to challenge your attitudes towards training and recruitment. In businesses such as yours, where humans are your biggest resource, by making the most out of your staff through proper training and recruitment, you can operate a more effective and profitable business.

Damian Mullins, the big boss at sponsor Right2Drive, is obsessed with customer satisfaction. He views any satisfaction score below a nine out of 10 as a failure. He and his team will be talking about measuring and increasing customer satisfaction, so you can guarantee repeat business and recommendations.

Ben Fewtrell, from business coaching company Max My Profits, who started his first business at 18. A well-known keynote speaker, in the last 10 years he has become a published author, featured on Sky News, became the Director of the SME Association of Australia and transformed the lives of many business owners. Fewtrell will finish the day with a high-energy session on leadership – no cruising or snoozing with this one.

Plus plenty of networking drinks after.

With this information you’ll be able to lead your business to the forefront of the smash repair industry.

Secure your seats at Paint & Panel Next Generation now - a half-day for the rising-stars of the smash repair industry.

$82.50 per ticket (incl GST)

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