Kirsten Dodd from BASF is this week's podcast guest. Dodd is the launch manager for this game changing range of products.

Axalta has maintained its support for Training Services NSW and the Apprenticeship Network Provider, VERTO, in delivering various programs to introduce female school students in NSW to a diverse array of trades.

New site, which had its official opening last month, is able to offer regular deliveries in QLD and Northern NSW.

Eight refinish apprentices battled it out at South Metropolitan TAFE.

Domestic demand is soaring for this revolutionary paint mixing system.

PPG funding is translation from Czech to English to give Facts on Climate Change a wider audience.

Mike Wilkinson has been in the industry man and boy, but is easing off the gas and enjoying some work/life balance.

AkzoNobel uses pine rosin and rapeseed for the KIA EV9's interior coatings.

Milliner previously held senior positions at both Suncorp and IAG when Capital S.M.A.R.T and Repairhub were launched.

SEMA has announced Jon Delgado of Repairify as the association's 2023 Gen-III Innovator of the Year.

EV sales grew 254% in SA this year and 450% in NT.

A million vehicles sold by the end of October, Ford Ranger toppled HiLux last month.

We hear from Margaret Bauer from Cooma Crash Repairs.

MTA SA/NT has met with the Small Business Commissioner to discuss insurers not honouring EV and calibration requirements.

Paul from Gabba Collision Repair Centre takes the wheel for this week's Turbo Talk.

State legislative leaders and industry representatives from around the U.S. convened at the White House to discuss how to ensure consumers retain the right to repair what they own, including their vehicles.