Plascoat Systems Limited is a leading supplier of thermoplastic powder coatings based in the UK and Netherlands.

'Directions in Australia’s Automotive Industry is a must-read for all business owners seeking to know what lies ahead for the industry and their business over the next three years.'

At least 64% of respondents did - while 36% think we should go back to the old 457 visa system.

Insurance PDS declared unfit for purpose and lacking in transparency in the report called 'Sapping the consumers will to compare.'

Almost one third of us considered them the worst.

The new facility is capable of producing around 25 million litres of coatings per year.

ACCC recommends a mandated scheme to allow mechanical and motor body repairers fair and reasonable access to repair information.

Majority think we should 'grow our own' so far.

"Ford’s conduct towards customers who had complained of issues with their vehicles was unconscionable."

One key executive has walked away.

It looks like technology isn't just a worry for our industry.

Then you need to get yourself to the first NT Collision Repair Expo.

It appears as though a man in Florida is the latest unfortunate victim.

The company has modified its policies to correctly reflect changes in consumer law.

Our survey said... you can download the full survey results as a pdf here.