"We look forward to growing the Fix Auto brand in the US by directly pursuing aggressive new strategies."

But another three impressive shops visited for NSW.

"The new revised terms represents a change from those proposed on 1 March 2017, moving towards a rebalanced approach for the industry."

The IBIS Global Summit attracted 380 delegates. The 'future is good for those embracing change and new technology' was one of the messages heard.

AMBRA chairman Jeff Williams launches the new, national IDR builder.

These statistics seem to be a little high.

Wright will front Latrobe Valley Magistrates' Court on two seperate charges.

Only in Hong Kong could a car space sell for this much.

“The technological disruption that the motor trades face brings enormous opportunity for innovation."

This mass sale of industrial equipment signifies the demise of car making in Australia as Toyota's plant equipment goes under the hammer.

Topics range from virtual reality to autonomous cars.

This follows numerous demands for his resignation.

We have the answers, and the questions courtesy of Michael Rosario from Global Automotive Staffing Solutions (GASS).

For stylish talons and scratched cars.

"It is designed to put customer needs first and serve them with the very best we have."