Thatcham research has now made key Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) fitment information available to repairers via the escribe portal.

As more new cars become fitted with ADAS technologies, Thatcham Research is assisting bodyshops by enabling the positive identification of ADAS technologies fitted to a vehicle requiring repair.

Repairers will now be able to see key ADAS fitment and systems information before they undertake any repairs, easing workflow and improving the planning process through greater awareness of the presence of ADAS.

Thatcham Research product lead Joe Dunn said this information would provide a solution to what is a growing issue within the industry.

“Until today, the correct identification of ADAS fitment has been a huge challenge for repairers and bodyshops.

“Understanding which sensors or technology types are present on a vehicle will allow repairers to order parts and ascertain what equipment they may need in advance of repair.”

The ADAS Fitment feature can be found within Methods Direct allowing the many customers who rely on Thatcham Research repair methods to identify:

  • Sensor type – the instruments on the vehicle for example; camera, stereo camera, RADAR, LIDAR, or ultrasonic sensors.
  • Technology types – the general technology type that may require calibrating, such as AEB, Reverse AEB, Lane Assist or Park Assist.
  • Fitment (Standard or Optional fit) – to allow estimates to be adjusted accordingly.
  • System attributes – key system attributes based on the technology type, with additional provide information provided that may help identify the ADAS feature on the vehicle.
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