Automotive Technology

Insurers define criteria for automated vehicles.

“This acquisition is a game changer for GM and Cruise."

AI will learn about its passengers and even have the ability to see 10 seconds into the future.

This could make for lighter cars and more fuel efficient trucks.

So what will companies do to fix the problem?

The technology relies on the use of 'tension members'.

Pre and post diagnostic scans should be standard practice - you can now buy the genuine GM diagnostic tool.

This tech start-up is looking to turn car windows into mobile billboards.

The new centre airbag is deployed from the upper in-board side of the seat back and doesn't need a centre console to help keep occupants in position.

It contains a little more than your usual chips and coke.

“Until today, the correct identification of ADAS fitment has been a huge challenge for repairers and bodyshops."

Data gathered from testing will influence the development of future Mercedes-Benz safety systems.

When the makers of cars for the masses get serious about driverless cars then you know they can’t be far away – gulp, just four years in fact.

This engineer inspired a Google co-founder to invest in similar projects.

Don't underestimate the complexities of mixed materials in body construction says Thatcham's Andrew Hooker.