The Center for Auto Safety and Consumer Watchdog has claimed that Tesla has deceived and misled consumers into believing its autopilot feature is safer and more capable than it is in practice.

Center for Auto Safety executive director Jason Levine said that the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) needed to investigate the advertising and marketing practices of Tesla.

“Tesla has repeatedly exaggerated the autonomous capabilities of its Autopilot technology, boosting sales at the expense of consumer safety.

“The FTC must step in and expose this charade before more Americans are injured or killed.”

In their release, the two groups said that consumers needed to have accurate information to understand the limitations of the Autopilot system and to be able to operate their vehicle safely and without endangering themselves or other road users.

Consumer Watchdog privacy and technology project director John Simpson said that while the technology offered some degree of safety, the description of the technology has been consistently deceptive.

“Starting with the very name Autopilot, Tesla has consistently and deceptively hyped its technology.

“Described and marketed responsibly so drivers understood it, Tesla's technology could enhance safety. Instead, it's killing people.”

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