Ford has created a demonstration project of how phantom traffic jams can be alleviated with the use of adaptive cruise control (ACC).

According to a report from Autoblog, the project used 36 drivers simulating highway driving while using adaptive cruise control and then a second test without the technology to test its effect on traffic flow.

Both tests required lead vehicles to slow from 60mph to 40mph to simulate a traffic disturbance and when drivers attempted to brake without active cruise control, it led to a braking wave that resulted in cars further back slowing to a crawl.

However, in the test using ACC technology, it outperformed human drivers in almost every braking situation.

Ford Co-Pilot 360 supervisor Michael Kane said the test showed that drivers need to give more space between themselves and vehicles ahead of them.

“The big takeaway from all of this is it's to everyone's benefit to practice good driving.

“Give ample space between you and the vehicle ahead, stay alert and that will always help traffic flow more smoothly and help us all get to our destinations on time.

To see the results of the test, check out the video below.

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