• Perlita Puruto, second year panel beater, 2017 Women in Collision winner.
    Perlita Puruto, second year panel beater, 2017 Women in Collision winner.

The Women in Collision Seminar and Awards presentation, sponsored by IAG, takes place on Friday 16 November in Melbourne from 1pm until 5.30pm.

The main aim of the day is to network with your peers and connect with other women in our industry. Keynote speaker Jill Baptist will be giving an insight into the customer process and behaviour from the other side of the fence. Baptist leads the IAG Customer Futures team. We will also be finding out about a Russian repairer who set up her shop in Moscow and has become a leading light in the repair sphere. 

What do we think about the term receptionist for the female front of house staff at autobody repairers? It doesn’t really do the job justice, we’ll be getting into groups and coming up with a short list of job titles and we’ll discuss ways of implementing a change of culture to embrace these new titles. 

Mindfit, a workplace wellness and resilience company will be running a fun workshop giving everyone tools to take back and share with their colleagues about avoiding stress and negative work patterns. 

We will also be presenting our awards in the four categories of technician, administration, owner/manager and a new category for industry suppliers. The whole idea for the seminar was born from only being able to recognise a few women and wanting to make the event much more inclusive and connect more women.

The Women in Collision Seminar and Awards are free to attend and your can reserve your place here.

When: Friday 17 November 2018 1pm-5.30pm

Where: IAG, 181 William St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Who should come?: The day is open to all women working in our industry, if men would like to come too, we don’t discriminate.

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