Car rides with Motoki.

Not the most beautiful custom job, but boy can it get to you the allotment fast.

A clip from the crazy US show Street Outlaws to rev up your week.

Serial killers and terrible off road driving - smart giggles.

Presidential drift

Awesome limo driving in reverse at top speed.

A couple of fun videos to liven up your Monday.

Audi and Toyota never fail to please, the Mercedes-Benz and Dodge ads are fun as well.

A motorbike you can use as a JetSki - no queuing at the ramp, will it make your list?

Crazy cars

Thermochromic paint and a mobile jacuzzi - those two cars probably wouldn't mix well.

Music video with plenty of horsepower.

My pappy said Son, you're gonna drive me to drinkin' if you don't stop drivin' that hot rod Lincoln. Great retro video.

This is the most complex production car body that Audi has produced and includes aluminium, carbon fibre, magnesium and multiple steel types.

Really horrible prank - don't try this at home.

Malaysian girl scares the bejesus out of the guys.

We're feeling a motorbike vibe this week so here's a mini-stunt and fail compilation.

Careening Caravans

If you're going to overtake with a caravan, make sure that you have appropriate space to do so!