Love it or hate it, The Dukes of Hazzard did gift us with one of the coolest cars in TV history.

For six seasons this 1969 Dodge Charger rumbled around dodging the police, causing mayhem, blasting its famous Dixie horn and of course pulling off some of the coolest long distance jumps ever.

This weeks video is a clip from the 65th Autorama show in Detroit. Stunt driver Raymond Kohn embodied The Duke Boys, evading 'the sheriff' and taking to the air after hitting a ramp of only 1.5 metres.

Kohn and The General hit the ramp at 88km, soaring 7.5 metres in the air and covering a distance of 40 metres before slamming back onto the pavement. 

Now if only someone could find a video of KITT from Knight Rider being used to stop a real life crime.

And if you would like to hear what Kohn had to say about his amazing jump, check out below.

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