Ever dreamt of retiring to a luxury condo in Miami, spending your days in high class lounges and burning up and down one of the USA's most famous beach strips? Yes, no, maybe?

Regardless of the answer you have to check out what Porsche are going to make that crazy dream an even more ridiculous reality - an billionaires are flocking to this Sunny Isles Beach development.

Introducing Porsche tower, a 60 story luxury condo complex, featuring slick design and a ton of fancy features, none more spectacular than the three car elevators, called "Dezervators."

The lifts feature a $1 million dolly that fetches the car, fully automated of course, so residents don't even have to leave their apartment to get their car. Oh did we forget to mention each condo has its own private garage, on the floor the apartment is located on? Well they do.

The Dezervator can lift 3628 kilos, and head upward at 244 metres per minute while a turntable spins the car around for delivery at the condo.

Cheapest options start at $6.5 million, with the four penthouse available at  $41 million, so start saving now. Or just watch the video below, it's much cheaper.


But this isn't a first - the filthy rich in Singapore had a similar set up back in 2012.


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