A Russian YouTuber has torched his Mercedes-AMG claiming the car was faulty - others say it's a publicity stunt.

Mikhail Litvin doused his luxury Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S in petrol before, somewhat clumsily, setting it alight and watching it go up in flames, totally destroying the car which, in Australia, starts from $358,735. All the while stuffing himself with charred sausages.

Litvin’s staged the protest after his car reportedly persistent problems which he claims his local Mercedes dealer refused to fix according to a story on

Litvin is then seen driving away from the inferno in a Soviet-era ZAZ 968 - after getting a push start from his mates.

The resulting video has attracted almost 10 million views since being uploaded on 24 October.

You might want to fast forward through the early part of the video - but watching him try to toss his zippo behind his back hoping for a movie-style instant firestorm certainly made me giggle.

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