As part of the launch of Gran Turismo Sport, the latest installment in the well-known auto simulation game series, Nissan has created a one-off car for a car controlled by a Playstation 4 controller.

The remote-control vehicle, a GT-R/C is capable of a top speed of 196mph ā€“ not restricted for the purpose of the project car ā€“ with no one sitting behind the wheel.

The GT-R /C is fitted with four robots that operate the steering, transmission, brakes and throttle. Six computers mounted in the boot update the controls at up to 100 times a second. The steering position is measured to one part in 65,000.

The unmodified controller connects to a micro-computer which interprets the joystick and button signals and transmits them to the GT-R /Cā€™s on-board systems. The wireless operation has a primary control range of one kilometre.

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