How can you top a badass entrance? Maybe have the character wear a tux, while dodging a hail of bullets, carrying a small child to safety all the while numerous explosions are going off in the background?

Or you could do what Bollywood does and ignore the hell out of gravity. In this 'iconic' scene our hero arrives just in time to confront a wave of angry 4x4 driving villains before they descend on the innocent victims.

What made his entrance so amazing you ask? How does flying in on the bonnet of a car sound? Not only that, the car in question maintains airtime for what seems like minutes while also gaining more altitude the longer it's in the air.

Further adding to the drama, the car does at least three full donuts, with our hero remaining completely unmoved.

I don't know who made this film or what on earth it's about but I do know one thing. I need a copy of it immediately.

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