Over 100 years ago famous Arctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton departed from South Georgia for the Weddell Sea, which is one of the seas surrounding Antarctica.

This would become known as The Voyage of Endurance. The expedition was simple, cross Antarctica.

Sadly, the Endurance would become stuck in an ice floe, leaving Shackleton and his crew stranded, forced to camp on an ice platform for close to two months.

100 years on and Shackleton's great-grandson Patrick Bergel, alongside Hyundai, will attempt to complete the failed expedition in what the company has called 'Shackleton's Return'.

The 'short' version of the video shows the harrowing conditions the team will endure but more importantly it features an amazing, snow tired, tricked out Santa Fe.

The well known 'family SUV' has been completely customised to look less like a people mover and more like a Bond car used in during some dangerous snow mission. However, what is most impressive is the engine itself which required no customisation, rather an engine heater was installed simply to help kick start the engine.

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