We all know seatbelts are there for good reason, to stop you from going flying through your windscreen like Superman.

Somehow these three passengers in China didn't get the memo.

According to a report by Power Nation, a car was cruising down a highway in China when it began to drift into the shoulder barrier, which separated on coming traffic.

It knicked the side of the barrier, causing it to swerve, which led the driver to panic and ultimately see the car plow right into another barrier, going at a reasonable spped.

The video shows at the moment of impact, three passengers, all in the back seat, were shot out of the car, with the most unlucky of the lot launched right in front of an oncoming truck. In what can only be described as a miracle, the driver managed to slam the breaks in a split second, bringing the vehicle to a halt right before impact.

All three ejected passengers were reported to have survived the ordeal, maybe next time, buckle up?

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