Two weeks ago we showed you a husband pump cement into his partners car, this week we thought we'd take a look at another incident of relationship breakdown.

Barbara Lowery of Alabama was seen smashing in the windscreen of her boyfriend's car after she suspected him of cheating.

To begin the process, she first took the windscreen with a shovel, then began to stomp the windscreen into oblivion.

Lowery told ABC 33/40 in the US that she had first prayed on the idea before going ahead with the deed.

"I prayed about it first, and I slept on it, and I decided it wasn't a good idea. Then I saw a shovel.

"I already knew going into it that I would have to face some consequences, and you know it kind of sucks, but like I said, I prayed about it and stuff, and I did it anyway."

She certainly wasn't wrong, Lowery was charged with disorderly conduct and spent the night in jail. Wonder if they're still together?

 Fair play to Volvo - that windscreen took some breaking. 

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