• Nissan

After weeks of funny and disastrous clips, we here at Paint and Panel thought it best to really get back into videos that promoted important discussion.

It is for this reason, and no other, that we decided to bring to you Nissan's newest clip showcasing its new state-of-the-art electric car – The Bladeglider.

And sure, maybe the clip features Nissan's new brand ambassador - the stunning, charming, funny and ever so perfect Aussie girl-next-door - Margot Robbie, who has far as I know is single. But rest assured this journalist is only concerned with the importance of electric cars.

The video takes place on the iconic streets of Monaco with Robbie 'racing' her Bladeglider against another (there are only two currently in existence) while demonstrating all the cool new features the 100% electric car offers such as:

  • A max speed of 190km/h
  • Torque at 707NM
  • The ability to go from 0 to 100km/h in five seconds
  • A dedicated 'drift' mode
  • A 220KWH battery
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