Glasurit has launched its new mixing clear, the 522-MC 600, designed to be the perfect partner for Glasurit 22 Line

Now quick repairs are now even more efficient with Glasurit’s 923-610 HS Clear fast drying VOC - no flash off required.

10,000 have been sold in the past 15 months. The rapid increase in recent sales is attributed mainly to a strong global digitisation trend.

Additions to the Audurra consumables offering include a premium abrasives range.

MIRKA continues to lead the charge to high efficiency electric tools with the launch of a compact 77mm version of the DEROS and OSP abrasives

Thanks to its excellent flow properties, the clearcoat can be applied easily and reliably in a single step without an intermediate flash-off time.

Finixa has made a fast and cost-effective UV repair solution for stone chips and scratches.

3M High Power Spray Gun cleaner is designed to drastically reduce time and costs associated with standard spray gun cleaning methods.

Employing the Axalta Cosmetic Car Repair program technicians can complete micro paint repairs, fix chips, scratches and headlight covers.

Spies Hecker launches Permasolid HS Race Clear Coat 8700, a clear coat that is particularly fast and reliable.

The new surfacer from Cromax delivers the most productive process when overcoating new parts

This high solids clear has very good flow in application and delivers an outstanding, long-lasting high-gloss finish.

The online support tool includes simple, step-by-step process instructions and videos.

Kemppi, has developed two welding machines designed specifically for the modern autobody repair workshop.

The Spectratek InstaCure UVLED curing lamp allows easy and complete access to all sections of a vehicle while providing a faster, safer, more efficient cure for automotive repair.

The new Iridium range from MIRKA is engineered to cut fast, repel dust and stay sharp to save you time and money.