Roberlo have developed new and improved formulas to make its higly regarded body fillers even better.

Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6 cutting edge technology accelerates the colour matching process for body shops and further optimises the measurement reliability and refinishing results.

A little-known nugget of RUPES gold is the Paint Correction app.

Freeing up a work bay could equate to an extra $250,000 extra cashflow per week, the company says.

With increased performance, simplified operation and synchronised maintenance, SATA’s new 500 Filter Series puts clean air between you and booth compressed air issues.

Developed by PPG’s Digital Customer Experience team in Europe, this extremely cool piece of kit instantly hauls the refinish mixing process into a totally new era.

The new software for Car-O-Tronic or Point X contains many improvements for even more measuring options

DeBeer Refinish has developed the 1-350 Ultra Velocity (UV) Primer to meet the needs of the smart repair market.

By deleting a whole step from the refinish process, 6041 MAXMEYER Plastic Primer Converter is the simple new way to add speed and slash cycle-time.

By packing all the hi-tech tools needed for denibbing and targeted polishing into a handy carry case, the new MIRKA Systainer offers a simple, convenient and productive solution.

WebTRIM Bodyshop Management helps you to achieve your business turnover and profit goals and provides an advanced understanding of your business.

With reduced total process times of up to 50%, and reduced material consumption of up to 19%*, 100-MPT is a game changer.

679S Ultra Productive Clear allows for very short drying times to significantly raise productivity.

Car-O-Liner has announced that the CTR 9 Resistance Spot Welder has received a global Volkswagen approval.

The Michelangelo Spray Booth blends high performance with state-of-the-art design thanks to its new front portal with glassed windows

SAN05 was developed to be used with SOF25S cleaning cloths where 5L of SAN05 will impregnate 490 wipes.