Combines UV LED and infra-red curing technologies in one.

No more taco shells is their mantra.

Captures the exact colour of a vehicle and matches to over 200,000 colour formulas.

The guide assists in recognising and controlling key hazards associated with the autobody repair and refinishing Industry.

A mobile dust extraction unit is a vital part of a workshop’s OH&S toolkit.

Welding has moved another step further.

GYS's PTI-G is designed to make your welding easy.

App allows refinishers access to product information, technical and safety data sheets and best practice training videos.

Latest video highlighting the speed of MIRKA’s all new LEROS.

HTE, HVLP, LVLP the differences explained, how they perform with today's paints, how they can save materials and energy.

Two noteworthy features are the barcode scanner and humidity indicator in the weather section.

Ditch the nurses gloves and get to grips with Grippaz.

Roberlo have developed new and improved formulas to make its higly regarded body fillers even better.

Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6 cutting edge technology accelerates the colour matching process for body shops and further optimises the measurement reliability and refinishing results.

A little-known nugget of RUPES gold is the Paint Correction app.

Freeing up a work bay could equate to an extra $250,000 extra cashflow per week, the company says.