David Erickson from Bosch discusses ADAS and Bosch solutions.

Spitwater has a comprehensive range of vacuum cleaners suitable both both office and workshop.

"Q1 masking tape has quickly proved to be a great solution for bodyshops thanks to its outstanding performance and value for money."

The RODIM mix and paint system makes preparing to paint easier than ever.

The new generation SATAjet X 5500 PHASER is all about style, sophistication and precision performance.

Lighter and more comfortable, offering optimum eye protection this is the fifth generation of Speedglas welding helmets.

Aeroflow Filters' new waterborne-compatible fibreglass exhaust filter, lasts longer and reduces premature filter clogging.

A new brand of paint-related products, that support body shops to enhance their workflow and optimise the results for automotive refinishing.

MIRKA Gold is the company’s most popular paper backed abrasive and now it has come in for a major makeover to further boost performance.

The new professional LED work light series from has been designed to provide optimal clarity and vision, while drastically reducing strain on your eyes with natural white light

Axalta’s digital colour management uses a cloud-based colour management system that is 100% wireless.

Glasurit has launched its new mixing clear, the 522-MC 600, designed to be the perfect partner for Glasurit 22 Line

Now quick repairs are now even more efficient with Glasurit’s 923-610 HS Clear fast drying VOC - no flash off required.

10,000 have been sold in the past 15 months. The rapid increase in recent sales is attributed mainly to a strong global digitisation trend.

Additions to the Audurra consumables offering include a premium abrasives range.

MIRKA continues to lead the charge to high efficiency electric tools with the launch of a compact 77mm version of the DEROS and OSP abrasives