Spitwater is Australia’s largest manufacturer of cleaning and heating equipment. The company’s imported vacuum cleaner range offers solutions to most cleaning challenges. Mention vacuum cleaners and you immediately conjure up images of old-fashion door-to-door salesmen, flogging their product to unsuspecting housewives. The reality today is vastly different. The humble vacuum cleaner is one of the most widely used tools in business today. Their applications vary from being used to clean offices and shops on one side, through to the wet and dry vacuum cleaners used by tradies and workshops, to the very sophisticated, high capacity, industrial vacuum cleaners used to clear unwanted matter from industrial production machines.

Goldline is Spitwater’s premium range of vacuum cleaners. The range has nine different models, including dry only as well as wet/dry machines. This Italian made range of machines is supplied standard with high quality Ametek motors as well as quality tools and accessories. Lower end of the range models use single 1,100 Watt (max) motors whilst the top end of the range models offer both two as well as three motors ,making them very high capacity machines. Smaller models in the Goldline range are very popular for general cleaning such as offices and shops, they are easy to use as well as carry around. The medium size range uses the larger,40 mm hose size and larger industrial type tools. Although they are single motor machines, these cleaners offer larger capacity and are excellent for smaller warehouses as well as work sites for removal of larger quantities of waste.

The large end of the Goldline range offers four models, all with 60 L waste bins. Two are two-motor machines using the large 40 mm hose and tool set. The other two are genuine three-motor vacuums which use the 50 mm diameter hose and tools, a real advantage when you have to collect large volumes of waste and water.These machines are ideal for large workshops, and removal of large amounts of waste - high capacity machines for really big jobs.

Both two and three motor machines offer a CBE model, a machine which has a large 60 cm outrigger at the front which is used for vacuuming very large areas quickly.

Spitwater vacuum cleaner range is extensive offering with something for everyone, from office cleaner to a autobody repair workshop. For more information click here.

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