If you were to describe 1Q1 in one word it would be visibility. 1Q1 opens your eyes to the status of jobs, the bottlenecks in your business and the areas that are overloaded, enabling all staff to make the correct decisions that will optimise the flow of work and allow increased productivity.
1Q1 has been built to be flexible enough to cater for different shops styles, but rigid enough to lock staff and jobs into a process, increasing productivity and efficiency as a result.
1Q1 will get your business flowing by:

  • Locking staff and jobs into a process
  • Creating an even flow into and out of your business by giving visibility on bookings
  • Automating the prioritisation of work at each stage
  • Giving visibility on the progress of jobs
  • Automating communication of status to customers
  • Communicating, tracking and enforcing a quality standard
  • Removing the communication barrier between the office and the workshop
  • Setting and tracking overall turnover targets, weekly booking targets and performance targets for production staff
  • Providing staff with a sense of achievement seeing what has been completed and motivating them to meet the targets set
  • Providing staff with a simple and highly visual system that they can easily engage with to give you the data you need
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