If you are looking to get the lowdown on the trailblazing PPG LINQdigital eco-system, the PPG Refinish ANZ YouTube channel is a great place to get a sneak peek into this cool new tech. 

A picture might say a thousand words but a video is an even better way to get a detailed message across. And this makes the PPG Refinish ANZ YouTube channel a valuable 24/7 resource for industry professionals across the region. For example, at the moment you will find informative videos about the latest, very cool technologies that are being rolled out to customers under the PPG LINQ banner. Just a couple of simple clicks and you can watch a step-by-step rundown on how the MoonWalk automated dispensing system produces ultra-precise, time saving ENVIROBASE High Performance colour mixes, even in tiny volumes or when miniscule amounts of tinter are required.

The latest videos provide an introduction to the revolutionary PPG DigiMatch spectrophotometer and PPG VisualizID 3D colour visualisation software. Because they take a giant leap into the digital colour space, it can take a moment to get your head around just how easy they are to operate and the positive impact they have on the entire colour matching process. Rather than listening to hearsay or rumours, you get an accurate, easy to follow insight into how the DigiMatch’s built in digital colour camera gathers data from six imaging angles and six reflectance angles. Once this highly detailed colour and texture information is transferred to the VisualizID function it gives paint technicians the unprecedented ability to compare a 3D digital rendering of the target vehicle colour against a clear digital image of every single Envirobase High Performance basecoat colour formula within the PPG database. It lets you confidently choose the correct colour match without using a drop of tinter or going through the sprayout card process.

Once you have checked out YouTube to see the incredible potential of the latest PPG technology, it’s a simple matter to contact your PPG Territory Manager to arrange an in-person demonstration.

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