The VAS 821 005 is an inverter pulse MIG welder, with high speed digital technology, and maximum welding current of 320A. Equipped with three wire-feeders, all with four rollers and electronic regulation, this product can be used either with standard torches, or a push pull torch, or even a spool gun. It is perfectly adapted to the welding of soft wires such as aluminium (AlSi5 or AlSi12).
The 46 synergy programs for steel, stainless steel, brazing (CuSi3 or CuAl8), and aluminium, can easily be selected thanks to a simple two-button interface and a large colour screen. The intuitive menus propose an easy mode, with only two adjustable settings. The tack function is also available for manual welding.
Fully approved for VAG (Volkswagen Automotive Group) vehicles.

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