Valspar Automotive is excited to announce the expansion of its Valspar Refinish product portfolio with the introduction of Radical Effect toners.

The Valspar Refinish Radical Effect toners are highly concentrated effect toners designed to expand and enhance the colour space of the Valspar Refinish 888C88 Basecoat System.

The four new toners increase the colour reach of Valspar Refinish, allowing for more than 80 special effect colours to be formulated.

These include popular colours such as; Mystic Pearl, Fantasy Metallic, Jungle Fever, Poison Ivy and Chlorophyll Metallic.

The toners come in a compact 110mL squeeze bottle which simply requires shaking before use.

Given that no machine-based mixing is required, the new Radical Effect toners can be stored at alternative locations to the other Valspar Refinish toners, therefore saving space on your mixing bank.

The new toner formulations are available in ICRIS Versions 14.4.7 or later.

For more information on the Valspar Refinish Radical Effect toners or any other Valspar Refinish product, phone (02) 4368 4054 or contact your Valspar Automotive representative.

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