As a result of Gyspot's experience, the company has claimed the inverter PTI-G as the spot welder of the future.

On-board intelligence ensures full automation, offering body shops the ability to increase their efficiency via its Genius G-clamp with pneumatic over-opening, easy arm positioning without adjustment and motorised overhanging arm providing a wide working area. The design of the G-clamp cylinder and welding algorithm maximises productivity.

Features include:

  • Light weight 11.3 kilograms with the G1 arm
  • 80mm of automatic opening capacity (20 mm at rest)
  • Manual over-opening of the arm for access to difficult areas (200mm release)
  • Brass clamp support and arm-base for an optimal electrical contact (easy maintenance)
  • Double-action feature ensures quick arm removal without the use of tools
  • Automatic cooling connection
  • Remote-controlled clamp (opening, welding, adjustments validation)
  • Lockable gyroscope ball bearing, integrated into the clamp body
  • High duty cycle (18 points/min)
  • Optional G9 arm suitable with auto mode
  • Optional single-point gun (option).

Adjustable overhanging arm features include:

  • Extends 120cm from the power source
  • Motorised overhanging arm to adapt to the working height
  • Offset balancer from the work area
  • Rubber protections at the end of moving parts

With the inverter PTI-G in smart welding auto mode the machine automatically recognises the steel type, sheet-metal thickness, panel bond presence and insulating material between HSS/VHSS/UHSS/Boron sheet-metal.

The recording feature saves the characteristics of each welding spot performed to the SD card provided and there is easy transfer of saved reports to a PC.

Each robust unit is mobile and comes with a reinforced and manoeuvrable trolley with 30-litre coolant tank; plus an expander on the front wheels for better stability. There is an integrated 6-arm support.

The Inverter PTI-G specifications are

  • Welding current: 14 500 A
  • Clamping force: 550 daN with 8 bar air pressure
  • Liquid cooling of the entire transformer, rectifier, electrodes, and caps
  • User-friendly navigation using the 5.7” LCD screen
  • Automatic adjustment of the pressure between electrodes.
  • Spot count feature to determine when you need to change the caps.

Gyspot recommends adding the Jollift 1330 combi bench for the complete kit. With the flexibility of the Jollift 1330 bench users can equip each work bay with its own fast repair bench by adding a pull post, set of clamps and wheel stands that can be used for all benches.

The Italian-made Jollift is modular with a 100mm lowered height and a 1300mm lift height. It has a 3000kg lift capacity and is suited for estimating, assembly and disassembly 

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