The new SATAjet X 5500 incorporates a revolutionary nozzle concept, with a constant fan size across the entire spectrum.

SATA is the first spray gun manufacturer to offer a nozzle system, dubbed the SATA X-Nozzle System, based on two distinct spray fan shapes that remain constant right across the nozzle spectrum. In combination with the new SATAjet X 5500, this advanced new nozzle system offers advantages which simply cannot be matched by conventional technology. To complement this remarkable high-tech functionality, the SATAjet X 5500 also features thoroughly modern styling – the sleek design was developed in co-operation with the Porsche design studio and includes a high quality anodised body with a black nozzle and cap. As well as exceptional atomisation, which helps substantially reduce paint consumption, further features include a 'Whispering Nozzle' design to reduce noise level and a newly designed fluid tip and air cap which eliminates the need for an air distribution insert.

Instant fan favourite
To create an effective solution to the downsides of existing nozzle technology, SATA’s research and development engineers took on the technical challenge of creating an all new nozzle system. With conventional nozzle technology, the size, shape and width of the spray fan and the available material flow rate tend to vary with the increase in nozzle size and this means painters must make adjustments at each step to compensate. With the SATAjet X 5500, painters still select between HVLP and RP technology but the key difference is that the SATA X-Nozzle System introduces the choice of two different fan shapes. Called ‘parallel’ for I-nozzles and ‘oval’ for O-nozzles, both have unique characteristics to cater to the preferences of different painter. The crucial point is that, as the nozzle sizes increase within each respective technology (HVLP / RP), the material flow rate also increases in constant increments. As a result, the spray fan size and width remain unchanged across the entire spectrum.

Which SATA X-Nozzle is right for you will depend on a variety of factors so SATA has introduced some useful selection tools, including a specific SATA webpage,, and the free SATA Nozzle Selector App for download to suit IOS or Android.

The SATAjet X 5500 comes in the popular digital version (with a digital air pressure gauge built into the gun handle) or the non-digital version. It is not currently available in Australia but will be on sale later in the year.


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