The PNP 90 XT² is a pneumatic, hydraulic universal stamping and riveting tool specifically designed for all common riveting operations on sandwich panels, thin sheet and high-strength sheet.

The equipment’s universal technology enables adaptation of various attachments for different applications. The hydraulic pump is a pneumatically-driven pressure intensifier with a ratio of 1:100.

This means that a hydraulic secondary pressure of 600 bar is generated by a primary air pressure of 6 bar.

When the equipment’s preset final pressure is reached, the pump stops automatically and keeps this pressure constant. The hydraulic pump has a pneumatically controlled pressure relief valve.

The Docking Station DS XT2 supplementary unit is an addition to the PNP 90 XT² stamping and riveting tool. It ensures consistent quality for the riveting process.

If the operating pressure drops below 6 bar (minimum operating pressure), the operator will be informed via optical indicator (red LED) and the pressure accumulator will take over the pressure supply.


  • 2-Circuit-Hydraulic (Push & Pull)
  • An existing PNP 90 XT2 is upgradable by using the Docking Station DC XT2
  • Easy handling by external pump-system
  • Combination with existing riveting tools possible
  • Infinite adjustment of the working pressure
  • Processing high-strength materials
  • Clear order through colour coding and labelling of the rivet inserts

 More details from SAPE on: (02) 9772 9019.

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