An upgrade featuring a new multi-hole configuration, ensures that nothing is as good as Gold, says MIRKA.

MIRKA Gold is the company’s most popular paper backed abrasive and now it has come in for a major makeover to further boost performance. Using customer feedback, combined with intensive research, the MIRKA team has introduced a variety of improvements headlined by new computer designed multi-hole patterns. Gold 150 mm (6”) discs are now available with the new patterns which have 37 holes for coarser grits and 121 holes for finer grits.

 Superior dust extraction has long been a focus of the MIRKA team and the new Gold multi-hole patterns were specifically created to take that aim to the next level. By increasing dust extraction capabilities, compared to traditional paper abrasives and other multi-hole patterns on the market, this directly translates into improved workshop productivity and longer lifespan. A reduced chance of clogging, the abrasive surface not only increases speed of cut and durability, it also makes it easier for the operator to see the surface which improves the quality of finish. Best of all, this new MIRKA Gold abrasive works perfectly in conjunction with the MIRKA power tools range.






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