Reliable, no-fuss efficiency and quality, combined with better than competitive pricing, has made MIRKA’s Essentials range a firm favourite at Platinum Auto Paints. 

Any proficient painter will tell you that a professional refinish job starts by laying the essential groundwork at the preparation stage and this is exactly what the MIRKA Essentials range is designed for. After launching earlier in 2022, this selection of quality accessories and consumable products quickly gained a strong market following. The typical MIRKA attention to detail was clear to see, says Nick Fardoulis, Platinum Auto Paints Director, so it was just a matter of used a special promotional offer to encourage customers at the company’s three stores (Sydney, Perth and Bunbury WA) to give MIRKA Essentials a try. Once they saw the benefits for themselves, the response has been excellent, according to Nick. 

“We are getting a really good reaction to the MIRKA Essentials range. The quality is definitely there and customers know that MIRKA is a brand they can trust. For example, the MIRKA Essentials mixing cups are made from good quality plastic that doesn’t crack when it’s used a little roughly and it’s nice and transparent so the measurement markings are clear to see. We also have a lot of customers who are loving the MIRKA Essentials tack cloth, especially because they are a great size. After people tried them back-to-back against one of the traditional leading tack rags, the MIRKA Essentials Tack Cloth became the new favourite and it’s definitely the most popular product we sell in the range. Not only that, the pricing is more than competitive so customers are not paying a premium to get the MIRKA quality and reliability.”

Each MIRKA Essentials product is designed to deliver a valuable return on investment by helping collision centre processes flow smoothly in order to save labour time and ensure a high-quality result. MIRKA Essentials are available from authorised MIRKA distributors across Australia and New Zealand. 

  • Mixing Cup, in 400ml, 650ml, 1300ml and 2240ml sizes
  • Mixing Cup Lid, to fit 400ml, 650ml, 1300ml and 2240ml sizes
  • Tack Cloth Waffle
  • Touch Up Bottle, complete with funnel
  • Paint Mixing Stick (20cm or 30cm sizes)
  • Degreasing Cloth 32cm X 40cm
  • Paint Strainer (125µm or 190µm)
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