WebTRIM is an advanced workshop management program that is easy to use.

It helps you run your business more efficiently in a multitude of ways including: booking in and scheduling the right amount and mix from jobs; setting dynamic staff production targets; measure and review results with reports and KPI dashboards; and having detailed job costings by worker and department. 

Using WebTRIM

WebTRIM uses proven technology and tools to provide the accurate data you need to make the right decisions, while also reducing your management workload. It makes your daily and weekly management easier and quicker, allowing you more time to focus on the other parts of your business.

Smart Scheduling

WebTRIM says it has the most advanced collision repair scheduling tool in Australia and New Zealand - Smart Scheduling. With Smart Scheduling all current and future jobs are automatically allocated to staff, workshop bays and special equipment. All jobs are scheduled to be completed on time, any changes in staff or task overruns are automatically updated in the schedule every 10 minutes. Each job gets allocated to the right worker based on their skills and the rules you define, with variable task duration based on employee efficiency. All workers see their work schedule on their mobile device, without you needing to tell them. If the schedule changes, due to a change in the job or staff, the staff job schedule is updated automatically. Smart Scheduling automatically adjusts the schedule and tells you the impact.

Workshop Performance

Increase your business effectiveness and profitability using the most complete set of job and workshop reports so you know exactly what is happening in your business and where improvements need to be made. Track your profitability and productivity by staff member, job, insurer, estimator, task type etc.

Save your admin staff’s time using WebTRIM’s automated job reporting that provides reporting to external parties, insurers and manufacturers.

WebTRIM provides accurate and detailed measurement of all your business tasks and functions.  

“We have been using WebTRIM for 20 years and have watched the program transform with the industry, it has so much potential and can also be simplified and customised to each individual bodyshop at the same time. The team are fantastic and great at listening to feedback as to what you need from the program to run a better shop. Highly recommended for any bodyshop small or large,” says Helena Willmot, Willmot Smash Repair Specialists in Cairns. 

“WebTrim transformed my business. We were doing jobs and invoiciong, but not making enough money. With WebTRIM costing reports, we can see the margin for each task and we adjust the estimate to achieve the margin targets we need for the business,” said Brett Ryan of BT Ryan Smash Repairs, NSW.

WebTRIM is in the Cloud so you can get started immediately. More information at:

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