Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) is evolving fast and this rapid growth is being stimulated by world standards for stricter safety regulations. More technology means different repair methods and different skills.

Repair shops, glass technicians and mechanics need to be fully aware of their liability firstly to perform the repair correctly and secondly to ensure a complete re-establishment and calibration of the ADAS.

If a vehicle is returned to the driver with the systems not calibrated or working properly and no advice has been given to the driver, then there would be serious ramifications for the repairer if that vehicle was involved in any form of accident in the future.

TEXA supplies a range of solutions suited to different tasks that is both modular and multi-brand: whether you are involved in smash repair, glass replacement or electrical/mechanical repair tasks. It is essential to provide users with the diagnostic capability to know what problems exist and a step by step guide for repair tasks; and most importantly- a report showing the correct calibration was carried out and it was successful and it met the vehicle’s manufacturer’s own specifications.

This report comes directly from the vehicle’s system providing a 100% guarantee that the vehicle’s ADAS systems are working properly after a calibration was carried out.

All TEXA’s tools are designed and manufactured in Italy on modern automated production lines and meet the strict certification ISO TS 16949 for OE suppliers to the automotive manufacturing industry. 

In this world of technology it is not enough to simple do a pre and post scan as any vehicle with ADAS. Particularly if involved in an accident, it should (according to the OEMs) have a calibration and test drive carried out to ensure it is not only working but that the other vehicle’s characteristics such as wheel alignments are also correct.

With more than 90% of new vehicles already having at least one ADAS feature it is now critical that all repairers fully embrace the technology and understand their responsibility when repairing vehicles. For a more broader understanding on this technology and the effect on you and your business email:, or visit the company website at

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