Syrox is introducing a new sanding surfacer into its portfolio - S3110/S3140/S3170It comes in three colours: White S3110, Grey S3140 and Black S3170 which can be mixed to any shade for optimal basecoat performance. 

In addition, by adding the new Syrox surfacer additive fast S7300, air drying times can be shortened from four hours in standard settings to only 2-2.5 hours in the accelerated setting.   

Since the new Syrox sanding surfacer S3110/S3140/S3170 is not only compatible with existing thinner S8000 and the activators S6000/S6010/S6020/S6030, but also with the non sanding converter S3080, you can keep your current Syrox inventory as it is today. 
combination with the 1K wash primer S2000, the new Syrox sanding surfacer gives very good anti-corrosion protection and a perfect topcoat hold out of the Syrox basecoat overcoated with Syrox Ccears.

This new and versatile Surfacer with high productivity perfectly fits into the compact Syrox product portfolio, replacing the Syrox sanding surfacer S3020 and S3060.  

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