With the recent changes in sanitary measures across the world Finixa has introduced the SAN05 Auto Protect Surface Cleaner and supporting products SOF25S Cleaning Cloths with SOF251 Cloth refills. 

Having a clean and sanitised workspace is currently more important than ever and to ensure this Finixa has released a 5L alcohol-based surface cleaner that is safe to use on all surfaces. This product is fast and effective while evaporating all on its own. SAN05 was developed to be used with SOF25S cleaning cloths where 5L of SAN05 will impregnate 490 wipes (7 rolls).

SAN05 Auto Protect Surface Cleaner was developed for automotive applications such as sanitising car keys, door handles, steering wheels, handbrake/gear levers, dashboards, upholstery and any other interior surfaces. It is not limited to automotive use, however SAN05 is also perfect for cleaning and sanitising tables, benchtops, equipment, machine control panels, appliances, keyboards and touchscreens etc.

Simply add 700ml of Surface Cleaner (SAN05) into a SOF25S bucket containing a roll of cloths, leave for 30 mins to soak in. Once cloths are finished, use refill pack to add another roll to the bucket and refill with 700ml of SAN05. 

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