baslac has launched  60-05 Speeding Reducer, a drying accelerator for baslac clear coats and 2K primer filler.
baslac 60-05 provides a reduction in drying times and also improves surface drying and curing performance, further enhancing productivity.
In addition to the speeding reducer, baslac has also added to the range the 21-20 Plastic Primer Aerosol.
baslac 21-20 is an aerosol adhesion promoter for use on all automotive plastics used in the industry which means there is no mixing, no mess and no need to clean your spraygun.
The plastic primer can be covered with baslac undercoat 20-24, 20-34 and 20-94 with a flash off time of 15 minutes before the undercoat application, improving efficiency.
baslac is an easy-to-use refinishing solution with reliable colour competence and high product quality at a cost effective price. Visit the baslac website or contact your baslac distributor.

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