The PULL UP! repair system is the latest Spanesi innovation, which utilises suction cups, glue and slide hammers to produce flawless panel repairs. Suitable for both steel and aluminium substrates, straightening is performed from the exterior of the panel or lining. Spanesi’s exclusive glue formulation facilitates difficult repair procedures to be completed on rocker panels, roofs, dog legs, door sills, along body lines and pillar locations. 

The specially shaped suction cups can be used individually or together, thanks to specific bars that are selected based on the type of damaged parts. PULL UP! does not burn or puncture the panel or car cover, and it is not necessary to remove the battery. The PULL UP Repair System is available in two packages: basic and full. Each package is designed to meet the requirements of automotive repair professionals.

More information from SAPE: 02 9772 9000 or click here.

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