MIRKA continues to lead the charge to high efficiency electric tools with the launch of a compact 77mm version of the DEROS and OSP abrasives.

Having started the revolution several years ago when it first introduced its ground-breaking, in-house developed, brushless electric motor, MIRKA continues to provide even more reasons to switch from pneumatic. Forget heavy and bulky electric tools, MIRKA electric tools are compact and lightweight, yet powerful, quiet and super-efficient. And the latest addition to the range, the DEROS 325CV, is a perfect example.

It comes with all the MIRKA electric tool features but in a more compact 77mm (3-inch) pad format and 2.5mm oscillation. This makes it ideal for tackling smaller sanding operations, such as SMART repairs, headlight restoration, bumper sanding and hard-to-reach areas. By accurately targeting the required area, it keeps the repair smaller and allows the job to be done faster and more profitably. While it may be small, this 77mm DEROS (Direct Electric Random Orbital Sander) is plenty powerful enough to maintain a constant speed, even under heavy load. The symmetrical design ensures a comfortable grip and speed adjustments can be made in an instant via the easy to operate lever, while a separate on / off switch contributes to safe handling. Importantly, vibration values are the lowest in its class, allowing operators to sand for long periods without fatigue. Indeed, an integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth low energy technology lets you keep track of vibration, speed and usage data via the myMirka app.

Dust-free abrasives to match

To further boost the efficiency and dust-free sanding capabilities of the DEROS 325CV, MIRKA has also taken the opportunity to release a 77mm range of its innovative Optimized Surface Preparation (OSP) System. Geared to keeping small repairs compact and fast, this combination of MIRKA’s patented ‘net sanding’ technology and soft abrasive products, delivers benefits that simply cannot be achieved with a conventional abrasive system. Clearly marked numbering shows operators exactly which disc or strip should be used for each step of the process, making MIRKA’s OSP System simple to understand and easy to train. Number 1 is used for paint removal, #2 for feather-edging, #3 for preparing the repaired area for primer (by reducing sanding scratches and expanding the feather-edge) and #4 for finalising the sanding. Utilising these standardised, step-by-step processes means predictable, consistent quality on every repair and results in fewer time-wasting reworks. In addition, using net sanding technology virtually eliminates damage caused by dust pills, allowing the OSP abrasive to produce a consistent, even scratch pattern, while giving true dust-free sanding. And, because tools, such as the 77mm DEROS, are used to complete more processes which saves time on every job which enhances productivity and profitability – it’s the perfect partnership.

PPG is the exclusive distributor of MIRKA products across Australia and New Zealand. To learn more,contact your PPG representative or Protec representative to arrange a demonstration.


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