Over the past decade, aerosol products have gained major acceptance for minor repairs because of their quickness, portability and ease of use.

There's no preparation time, no mixing and you only use the exact quantity needed with no spray gun cleaning required after the job is completed.

AkzoNobel has launched a new Sikkens aerosol starter pack featuring five primers and a top coat to handle almost any situation including:

Rally Black – Ideal for small interior and exterior touch-ups on the vehicle where a low gloss, non-glare black finish is required.
Spotprimer Grey – A quick drying multipurpose spray on primer. Easy to apply and sand while repairing small areas.
Washprimer 1K CF – A quick drying, one component product designed for spot priming bare metal areas with excellent adhesion and corrosion protection.
1K All Plastics Primer – A one-pack adhesion primer suitable for plastic parts. Quick drying, colorless and easy to use.
Spotsealer DTM – A multipurpose primer designed for efficient adhesion to all bare metal surfaces. Fast curing and insulating properties make it perfect for small repairs.
Autosurfacer UV – A curing filler suitable for 85% of all repairs. It only requires 30-120 seconds of UV-A LED exposure to fully cure and can be sanded directly after curing.

For a limited time, each starter pack will also come with a scratch & win ticket that could have you sharing in $10,000 worth of giveaways. For more information about Sikkens Aerosols and Scratch and Win Sikkens Promotion, call AkzoNobel Car Refinishes on: (03) 9644 1711 or visit them online.

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