Axalta’s new bodyshop management system - Seamless - has been designed to make running a bodyshop more efficient and effective. As a web-based system, Seamless is easy to implement and accessible on any computer or smart device that has an internet connection. Your bodyshop’s performance is available at the touch of a button, from anywhere, allowing you to better understand your business.
Taking away manual processes and having real-time information improves bodyshop performance levels in all areas. The three key modules to the standard configuration of Seamless include Bodyshop Management, Shop Floor Data Collection and Vehicle Repair Tracking. These easy to use modules provide the shop manager with all the functionality to operate an efficient and smart bodyshop business, with checks and balances along the way.
The day-to-day essential aspects of running an efficient and productive repair facility are covered in this module. From experience, we have seen that this more structured approach to bodyshop management results in improved communications between departments and overall efficiencies. Areas that the Bodyshop Management Module covers includes Job Allocation & Book-In Diary, Cycle Time Recording, Staff Management (time recording, leave management, performance plans), Courtesy Car Management and Business Analytics (KPI reporting, benchmarking, budget analysis).
This module clearly shows the status of all repair tasks on the shop floor. Using either bar coding or traditional keyboard technology, the shop floor data solution collects time recording and job information as it happens. Information is passed in real time to and from the shop floor and can quickly highlight “red flags”.
By collecting accurate shop floor information, reports can be run at any time to monitor efficiencies, including idle time and non-productive hours, utilisation, re-work and so on. Employee bonus reports can also be provided so staff can monitor progress.
The Repair Tracker module manages customer communications and provides online repair progress to vehicle owners and work providers with repair progress updated in real time. Access to this information can even be designed into your own website or through the repair tracker website. Once an owner or work provider has logged in, a variety of information is available including original estimates, key cycle times and claim information. Repair Tracker can also manage SMS and email updates to the owner/work provider. Once the job is complete, customer satisfaction feedback (CSI) can be initiated.
Seamless can be integrated with most bodyshop’s current quoting systems. It can even be scaled up for multi-site operations with full management reporting for each site.
Once registered, Axalta’s team will work with the customer to personalise set up and provide staff training, either on-site or remotely. As system set up does not require networks, servers or specific hardware, customers can quickly realise the benefits Seamless brings to their daily operation. For more information contact Craig Tonkes on: 02 8818 4343 or visit:

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