AkzoNobel has introduced the only ecological waste saving technology on the market to help you with this responsible waste disposal.

By using Sikkens Autowave Separator in conjunction with Sikkens Autowave Guncleaner you can reduce your liquid water-based waste by up to 75%, saving you money on organised disposal.
Maintaining good spray gun hygiene is an important factor for the smooth and efficient running of your paint shop. As part of the Autowave 2.0 System, the Guncleaner is the best way to flush out any particles of paint from your gun, making sure all lines are clean and ready for the next project. Now what to do with that waste?
Autowave Separator is easy to use and provides an environmentally friendly way to separate water based paint by-products, via coagulation, from the contaminated spray gun cleaning solution. The coagulation process is achieved by adding 1% to 1.5% of Autowave Separator powder to your contaminated Autowave Guncleaner, stirring thoroughly and leaving it overnight. The next day, the paint particles will have formed a solid mass and become separated from the liquid Guncleaner solution.
This solid paint matter can then be disposed of according to local regulations, allowing you to fully comply with the requirements of environmental protection and waste disposal legislation (Low VOC).
The Autowave Guncleaner solution can then be reused up to three more times, saving you money on product. This product works with most available waterborne cleaning equipment.
Contact your local Sikkens Representative for more information.

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