The SATA gun sase is perfect for protecting your valuable SATA assets. In line with SATA’s German engineered quality, the case is made from sturdy, durable but lightweight aluminium outer construction which presents a professional appearance.

Inside, it is a foam lined safe haven which can snuggly fit five spray guns. In addition, there are foam cut-out spaces to store things like extra nozzle sets, cleaning equipment, SATA adam 2 units or spare parts.

There is also more room around the outside to store items, such as a couple of non-disposable spray cups or a selection of SATA RPS Cups.

As well as safeguarding your precious spray guns from bumps and scratches, the SATA gun case is also lockable so you can decide who has access.

For a limited time, when you purchase Kit 1 or Kit 2 from a participating distributor (see below), you will receive your own SATA Gun Case for free. Purchase Kit 3 and you can have it for just half price.

The SATA Gun Case promotion is just one more reason to purchase the SATA guns that you already had your eye on. Following the promotion, the SATA Gun Case will be available to order and purchase as an ongoing SATA product.

KIT 1 – Two SATAjet 5000 B spray guns
One SATA Gun Case FREE

KIT 2 – Two SATAjet 1500 B spray guns
One SATAjet 100 B Series Primer Gun
One SATA adam 2 digital air micrometer
Two SATA adam 2 docks
One SATA Gun Case FREE

KIT 3 – Two SATAjet 1500 B spray guns
One SATAjet 100 B Series Primer Gun

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