With increased performance, simplified operation and synchronised maintenance, SATA’s new 500 Filter Series puts clean air between you and booth compressed air issues. 

If someone offered to minimise your paint shop reworks caused by booth compressed air issues and the price was just a couple of dollars per job, it would seem like a very wise investment. Particularly when measured against the cycle-time disruption and cost just one rework can cause. What’s more, technically clean compressed air is especially important when it’s being supplied to a painter’s air-fed hood to keep them protected during booth paint application. 

90 years of experience 

SATA has been designing leading edge air filtration units since 1931 and its latest creation builds on these 90 years of industry leadership by introducing a variety of handy upgrades and advancements. The stage 1 cyclone separator and sintered filter has come in for a redesign. The result is a constant, uniform air flow which efficiently accelerates any oil or moisture droplets so they are thrown against the side of filter housing and are removed from the air flow. In addition, an automatic drain means one less maintenance item you need to remember. The other two stages (fine filter and activated charcoal) have also been refined and a new sintered activated charcoal filter cartridge is able to absorb more harmful substances.  

Simplified, synchronised maintenance 

Thanks to the redesign, filter maintenance for all three stages is now every six months. A convenient in-built display clearly shows the time remaining in months until the next filter maintenance. The filters themselves feature an easy three step replacement process and the fine filter and activated charcoal cartridge fit perfectly simply by being inserted – there is no need for screw fittings or extra seals. 

Protecting painters, powering spray guns 

Given that compressed air is the only thing powering your spray gun, the 500 Filter Series holds a large reserve volume of air (compared with cheap filter units). This ensures consistent airflow and avoids issues from pressure drop at the gun, even with multiple painters spraying at the same time.  

The new SATA 500 Filter Series is available from your SATA distributor. 





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