The latest special edition from SATA is set to take you right back to the iconic rock ‘n’ roll era. It’s a time packed with larger than life characters, high fashion and colourful scenes and SATA’s new special edition spray gun is designed to celebrate the birth of this stellar music genre. The SATAjet 5000 B Rock ‘n’ Roll features themes and motifs from the era, including girls in gorgeous polka dot dresses, guys with slick-back, Elvis style hairdos, a Cadillac Coupe de Ville, scenes from a classic American diner and more.
Its high quality, robust special surface coating ensures this a fully functional gun, with all the precision engineered features of the regular SATAjet 5000 B.
The SATAjet 5000 B Rock ‘n’ Roll is available in a choice of HVLP or RP technology and in digital and non-digital formats, as well as selected nozzle sizes. It comes complete with a trio of RPS disposable cups or with a QCC reusable 600ml plastic cup. Whether you intend to rock-on in the spray booth or lock this epic gun away in your display cabinet, you will need to move quickly as this is a limited model which is only available at participating SATA distributors while stocks last.

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